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Franz Shoar - Bulls Eye Trader, Top Trader Competition Winner and Trading Expert Forex Factory . Reviews, Testimonials, Scams, And Ripoffs Countered With Great Results.


The following testimonials are from students attending Bulls eye traders live trading room.

The testimonial are based on actual writing by students without any incentive or

special favor. An original letter of these testimonial sent by students, have been

A couple years ago I started researching different methods of trading, but was hesitant to invest my money in a “gamble” Last year I began taking online classes with Bullseye Traders and I have been very pleased. I have learned that success in trading is all about discipline and once you learn your individual method of trading, to stay consistent with your method. Both Franz and Shahrokh have proven to be very good instructors; they are patient and forthcoming with their information.

I am so happy I made the decision to learn about trading from Bullseye Traders. Since I started with them, I have learned a lot and, although, I am still in the learning stage I am confident in my ability to become very successful with my endeavors in trading. Anyone who is reading this and thinking about learning a career in trading, I would tell them to learn the system emphatically and refrain from being greedy or letting your fear of losing money take over. Stay constant and learn, learn, learn!!! In this career knowledge and experience equals success. Bullseye Traders instructors have taught me this.

Bahman S. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Franz, originally when I participated in your two sessions Bullseye trading DEMO, the impression I got was that trading emini features using your software with the help of your training institute is something promising and I’m glad I’ve decided to become a student and one of your institute members. I didn’t have any trading background at all prior to that and was always thinking that it’s taking me at least couple of years to learn the concepts, but with the help of you and Mr. Shahrokh good teaching, I’ve learned the basic rules, disciplines and managing my fears and how to enjoy trading. As a busy mother who was looking to have a flexible way of making some money at nights, now I’m enjoying my trading experience and appreciate your help in this regard.

Ms. Nooshin R,

Los Angeles, CA

I have been trading for a long time and has lost a great deal of money . but since i have joined bulls eye traders i have learned tremendously and not only i do not lose money but also made good money.Franz is very carrying and has lots of Passion to teach.we are number one school in the world and very happy that i have joined this site. i wish franz and everyone Else the best of luck in the future.and i would like to stay with bulls eye traders for a long time.

masood A from manchester England.

I always asked myself, what is the criteria of school that really has a system that makes money and can teach their students to make money as well. It has been an incredible journey for me for last 5 years. I have paid many schools, seminars and talked into by many sales people and have lost and lost. The only school without any bells and whistle and no sales people and a person behind it called Franz Shoar, has put an end to this journey. I never thought one day I will recover my 5 years of losing money in the market and be able to finally retire from my practice as pediatric Doctor and make money every day and enjoy life in retirement. Take my word and let your journey end. Franz won the top trader competition in August 2011 and in my opinion Franz and his team and his style and system of trading has been the missing link. Thanks to all those negative comments on Franz which aroused my curiosity and that is the way I found a true trader and system that works. Franz my family and I salute you for all the hard work that you put in last 25 years to make yourself and all of us successful.

Dr. Joseph R.

Jacksonville, FL

I would like to add; Bulls eye trader's method is a true "Needle in a Haystack Find". You might shop around other systems but believe or not this is what you need to hit the market. Furthermore, I learned some very crucial info: Don't over trade; never trade without stops, and let the market come to you. Trust the system and enjoy the results.

Thanks Mr. Franz for all your focus, understanding and hard work, from the bottom of my heart.

Ali.M , Brisbane, Australia

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